16 april, 2012

India Interest RatesGEFLE-ELFSBORGHKN-142987749TOPHER GRACEFamous People's FamiliesAPTOPIX Norway Massacre TrialAfghanistanNorway MassacreIndia Rickshaw StrikeAPTOPIX North KoreaCuba / Dominican Republic / HaitiIndia / Nepal / PakistanItaly / San MarinoBoston Marathon ExplosionsNorth KoreaBelgium EU UN SyriaBelgium EU UN SyriaKorean WarHUNGARY-PRESIDENTHEMIS_0878431.jpgBombs / Guns / WeaponsAndrew DaviesCanadaGEFLE-ELFSBORGHEMIS_0878383.jpgNorway Massacre TrialPeople Ben FlajnikCrimes / Criminals / Judges / Lawyers / TrialsVÅRBUDGETGermany Nazi Concentration CampBabies / Children / Multiple BirthsIndia / Nepal / PakistanVW/PIECHAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosITALY-QATAR-MONTI-AL-THANITo Be CategorizedHEMIS_0878490.jpgNORWAY-TRIAL/France / Monaco / SarkNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALHUNDÖVERFALLNorway Massacre TrialMideast Israel PalestiniansBallet / Circus / Comedians / Dancers / Entertainers / PlaysBRITAIN/Russia SyriaMAT&RECEPTPAUL FRANKLIN13312916France Presidential ElectionsRangers Senators HockeyKOREA-NORTH/AFGHANISTAN/Burma / Laos / ThailandPremiere The Lucky One LA.JPEG-00ccbNORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALOLY-2012-GBR-BRITAIN-VENUES-100DAYSNorway Massacre TrialNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALHUNDÖVERFALL13321100Beauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingBolivia / BrazilHEMIS_1688364.jpgTOPSHOTS -PHILIPPINES-CHINA-MARITIME-MILITARY-DIPLOMACYHELSINGBORG-GAISAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosXINGHUA-COLE FLOWERSJung ChangJordan / Kuwait / Saudi ArabiaPrue LeithBallet / Circus / Comedians / Dancers / Entertainers / PlaysNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALGEFLE-ELFSBORGMAT&RECEPTGermany WWIIFBL-EUR-C1-BAYERN MUNICH-REAL MADRIDMAT&RECEPTSWIMMING/NKOREA-POLITICS-ANNIVERSARYFBL-ENG-PR-ARSENAL-WIGAN-ATHLETICMAT&RECEPTArchitecture / Construction / Design / Housing / Interior DecoratingTOPP North Korea Staged in PyongyangVÅRBUDGET 2012SAAB EDGÅNGMAT&RECEPTKALHYGGEBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingArgentina OilMAT&RECEPTBritain Soccer Premier League850-83Richard Davenport-HinesSomalia FloodsKALHYGGENORWAY-TRIAL/Virgin Atlantic SeatsBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingKALMAR-HÄCKENMAT&RECEPTMAT&RECEPTNorway Massacre TrialTo Be CategorizedChinaBRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-MUSIC-BEEGEES-GIBB-HEALTHAntiques / Art / Ceramics / Murals / Paint / Photography / SculptingNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALAndrew DaviesSolent News & Photo AgencyNORWAY-BRIVIK/US-142977115Germany / Lithuania / PolandUTÖYA NORGEGermany WWIITOPP SWITZERLAND-WEATHER-LAKEAlabama TornadoesNORWAY-TRIAL/BRITAIN-FRANCE-US-NATO-MILITARY-EXERCISEALICE EVEBlossom during spring photographed at night over car parked in driveway. London, UK850-85GOLDMANSACHS/NORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLFRANCE-ELECTION-SARKOZY/MYANMAR/Dentists / Doctors / Inventors / Medicine / ScienceNorway Massacre TrialFINN LAURITZENKorean WarCuba / Dominican Republic / HaitiPETE1_20120415__SDG_040.jpg-00fd8Cuba / Dominican Republic / HaitiFALUN SNÖItaly / San MarinoBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingJORDAN-UKRAINE/Architecture / Construction / Design / Housing / Interior DecoratingNORWAY-TRIAL/Brazil US Clinton VisitTOPP HELSINGBORG-GAISAfghanistanExpeditions / ExplorersARGENTINA-SPAIN-ENERGY-OIL-YPF-REPSOL-FERNANDEZ DE KIRCHNERMAT&RECEPTAccidents / Disasters / Fires / Floods / TragediesFamous People's FamiliesGermany Soccer Champions LeagueHEMIS_1390498.jpgRichard Davenport-HinesGermany Soccer Champions LeagueAndrew DaviesMyanmar Suu KyiTORKA ALDRIG TÅRARVatican Pope BirthdayWORLDBANK/Korean WarKALMAR-HÄCKENGEFLE-AIKAfghanistanNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIAL-BREIVIKUS Politics / GovernmentSWIMMING/USA-WEATHER/TORNADO/Germany / Lithuania / PolandNORWAY-TRIAL/Mideast BahrainHeirs / Heiress / Royalty / SocialitesMAT&RECEPTGermany MerkelTo Be CategorizedNORWAY-TRIAL/APPEARANCEMonte Cristo Awards.JPEG-0ebe3NORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLKOREA-NORTH/KIMDJURGÅRDEN-MALMÖAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosJordan / Kuwait / Saudi ArabiaTRIB1_20120416_LEJ_058.JPG-0afc4Dentists / Doctors / Inventors / Medicine / ScienceJason Statham, Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyGermany Soccer Champions LeagueNORWAY-TRIAL/VÅRBUDGET 2012 DEBATTHEMIS_0878444.jpg1950-1959 Actor / ActressSAFE2_20120416_AAT_104.JPG-0f17fBettany HughesELSA HOSK2012 Tribeca Ball2012 Tribeca BallNYAA 2012 Tribeca BallELSA HOSKBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingGermany Soccer Champions LeagueTITANICBoston MarathonBettany HughesIsrael / Lebanon / PalestineGermany WWIITOPP KALMAR-HÄCKENBesiktas v GalatasarayJordan / Kuwait / Saudi ArabiaAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosLEIF PAGROTSKY1970-1979 Actor / ActressSerbia FiatBands / Composers / Instruments / Musicians / Opera / Orchestra / Records / Singers / Songwriters / SymphonysHELSINGBORG-GAISNew Zealand Cardboard CathedralHEMIS_0879899.jpgAUSTRALIA/2012 Tribeca BallNYAA 2012 Tribeca BallThe War of the Worlds (1953) - filmstillClose up portrait of smiling businesswomanBlurred business people walking along modern staircaseBusiness people meeting in modern officePortrait of smiling businesswomen standing on balcony in modern officePortrait of smiling business people on modern staircaseBusinessmen using laptop in modern officeBusiness people leaning on glass railing of elevated walkwaySmiling businesswoman carrying suitcase in airportPortrait of smiling doctorsPortrait of confident business people with laptop at ledge in officeBusinessman at glass balcony railing in modern officeBusinessmen shaking hands at circle of chairs in lobbySmiling businessman shaking hands with businesswomanPortrait of smiling scientist with anatomical model and clipboard in laboratorySmiling businessman and businesswoman using laptop on top of carClose up of solar panelsPortrait of shocked businesswomanTable and chairs in empty lobbySmiling business people walking along buildingBusinesswoman shouting into bullhornBusinessman and businesswoman reviewing paperwork at cafePortrait of smiling business peopleBusinessmen reviewing paperwork in circle of chairsPortrait of smiling businesswoman with coat and briefcaseBusinessmen shaking hands on modern staircaseBusiness people on rooftop balcony looking up at skyDROTTNING MARGRETHE 72 ÅRMARMORSAL ÅTERÖPPNASDROTTNING MARGRETHE 72 ÅRDROTTNING MARGRETHE 72 ÅRDROTTNING MARGRETHE 72 ÅRDROTTNING MARGRETHE 72 ÅRDROTTNING MARGRETHE 72 ÅRDROTTNING MARGRETHE 72 ÅRDROTTNING MARGRETHE 72 ÅRMARMORSAL ÅTERÖPPNASPenarth Marina, Cardiff, Wales, April 2012.Buff-tailed Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) worker bee flying to Cowslip (Primula veris) flowers. UK, April.Placing a tern raft to encourage nesting Common Terns (Sterna hirundo) on Ormesby Broad, part of Trinity Broads complex in Norfolk Broads, UK, April 2012Whale shark (Rhincodon typus) near a fishing device called ‘Bagan’, with diver taking a photograph. Cenderawasih Bay, Papua Province, Indonesia, April 2012Volunteers preparing a tern raft to attract nesting Common Terns (Sterna hirundo) on Ormesby Broad, part of Trinity Broads complex in Norfolk Broads, UK, April 2012Poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) vine on tree, Pennsylvania, USA, April.Whale shark (Rhincodon typus) near a fishing device called ‘Bagan’, a stationary outrigger boat, with a net between outriggers and strong light at night to attract anchovies and scad. The whale sharks are attracted by fish that is discarded in the morning. Cenderawasih Bay, Papua Province, IndonesiaElevated view over the Pyongyan city skyline, Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (DPRK), North Korea, 2012Countryside between Pyongyang and Kaesong, Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (DPRK), North Korea, 2012Volunteers launching a tern raft to attract nesting Common Terns (Sterna hirundo) on Filby Broad, Trinity Broads, Norfolk Broads, UK, April 2012, sequence 3/7Businessman using laptopPortrait of smiling businessman reading book in libraryDoctors talking on modern balconyPortrait of confident scientist using microscope in laboratoryCorridor of modern officeChairs surrounding businessmen shaking handsSmiling businessman and businesswoman reviewing paperworkBusinessmen meeting at circle of chairs in lobbySun shining in officeSmiling businessman and businesswoman with coffee, laptop and paperworkBusinesswoman at flipchart leading meeting in lobbyPensive businessman outside buildingBusiness people using digital tablet on modern balcony in officePortrait of smiling scientists using microscope in laboratoryDecorating a Christmas treeRed harrowMap of ChinaDepot GlenRoger Bushell at society danceA cougar and a jaguarBoats in Canton harbourEverlasting sweetpeaThe early stages of yellow feverPenitents whipping themselves during LentA group of mice feeding in the desert.Grey-crowned babbler and White-browed babblerMarmaduke PickthallPersonalised family Christmas card, c.1900Premiere The Lucky One LA.JPEG-054c7Activist / Protest / Riot / StrikesITALY-QATAR-MONTIUmeå FC - Hammarby IFCrimes / Criminals / Judges / Lawyers / TrialsETIMOR-VOTEBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALBands / Composers / Instruments / Musicians / Opera / Orchestra / Records / Singers / Songwriters / Symphonys1960-1969 Actor / ActressTo Be CategorizedFBL-EUR-C1-BAYERN MUNICH-REAL MADRID1960-1969 Actor / ActressBritain Bolton Muamba ReleasedNORWAY-TRIAL/ALGERIA-LIBYA-DIPLOMACYWORLDBANK/APTOPIX France Presidential Elections1970-1979 Actor / ActressMideast SyriaJung ChangSAAB EDGÅNGPremiere Safe NY.JPEG-0fb54Myanmar Suu KyiHELSINGBORG-GAISFBL-EUR-C1-BAYERN MUNICH-REAL MADRIDNorway Massacre TrialMideast BahrainTo Be CategorizedGermany / Lithuania / PolandKALHYGGEGEFLE-ELFSBORGMALMÖ BRANDPrue LeithAccidents / Disasters / Fires / Floods / TragediesNORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLArgentina Spain RepsolItaly / San MarinoAFGHANISTAN-UNREST-ATTACKChinaMAT&RECEPTUSA-WEATHER/TORNADOARGENTINA ENERGY YPFGEFLE-ELFSBORGVÅRBUDGET 2012ALICE EVETo Be CategorizedCuba / Dominican Republic / HaitiNEWYORK-SECURITY/Dentists / Doctors / Inventors / Medicine / ScienceKOREA-NORTH/Africa / EgyptDalai Lama HawaiiPeople-Stephen BaldwinBRAZIL/Richard Davenport-HinesGREECE-NETHERLANDS-ROYALSHEMIS_0878402.jpgAUSTRIA-MUSIC-OPERAIsrael / Lebanon / PalestineGEFLE-ELFSBORGNORWAY-TRIAL/HEMIS_0879915.jpgRAVE1_20120416_PJB_011.JPG-011f5NORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLFRANCE2012-ELECTIONS-EELV-JOLY-JUSTICENORWAY-TRIAL/GEFLE-ELFSBORGMideast BahrainPresidential Campaign Taxing ThemselvesLOOSEGOATSMalaysia Defense ExhibitionSofia VergaraGEFLE-ELFSBORGArgentina / Falkland Islands / ParaguayNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALAndrew DaviesNorway Massacre TrialNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALPeople-Stephen BaldwinKALMAR-HÄCKENUS Politics / GovernmentBombs / Guns / WeaponsCuba / Dominican Republic / HaitiPremiere Safe NY.JPEG-0e6ceNorway Massacre TrialFINN LAURITZENKALMAR-HÄCKENGEFLE-ELFSBORG13322816NORWAY-TRIAL/Black Legion / KKK / NazismPremiere Safe NY.JPEG-0fe18VÅRBUDGET 2012NORWAY-TRIAL/Bulgaria / GreeceMexico Paulina RubioAPTOPIX PakistanAuthor / Book Reviewers / Columnist / Editors / Poets / Publisher / WriterGermany Soccer Champions LeagueAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosHeirs / Heiress / Royalty / SocialitesNORWAY-TRIAL/Cuba / Dominican Republic / HaitiMACEDONIA-CRIME-POLICENORWAY-TRIAL/CUBA/URBA1_20120416_PMC_402.JPG-03883NORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALPremiere The Lucky One LA.JPEG-0ce55850-82STATYER NORDKOREACuba / Dominican Republic / HaitiHEMIS_1405633.jpgFilm MarvelNORWAY-TRIAL/Norway Massacre TrialPaul ConroyHEMIS_0878410.jpgUS-142987127ETIMOR-VOTENORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALDJURGÅRDEN-MALMÖHEMIS_0878465.jpgPremiere The Lucky One LA.JPEG-0283dFBL-EUR-C1-BAYERN MUNICH-REAL MADRID14113342TUNNELBANA NORDKOREANORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALJordan / Kuwait / Saudi ArabiaMAT&RECEPTGermany / Lithuania / PolandNorway Massacre TrialCHAMPIONS/France Presidential ElectionsNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALNorway Massacre TrialTOPSHOTS-BRITAIN-FRANCE-US-NATO-MILITARY-EXERCISEBrazil Prison RiotNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosGEFLE-ELFSBORGIKEARosie Huntington-WhiteleyMonte Cristo AwardsBRITAIN/Rangers Senators HockeyIndia Right To EducationRichard Davenport-HinesMAT&RECEPTBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingFamous People's FamiliesHKN Rangers Senators 20120416Paul ConroyHUNDÖVERFALLBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingBoston Marathon ExplosionsHEMIS_0878458.jpgNORWAY-TRIAL/TOPP TOPSHOTS-BRITAIN-AUTO-ACCIDENTAPTOPIX Norway Massacre TrialCHINA-LEADER/MURDERUnited States WWIIPremiere Safe NY.JPEG-0123bNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALSAAB EDGÅNGPremiere The Lucky One LA.JPEG-00688MAT&RECEPTBRITAIN CUTHBERT GOSPELMAT&RECEPTLAPPUGGLAHEMIS_0878454.jpgNORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLBelgium EU UNSpain Argentina RepsolTo Be CategorizedRUSSIA-PROTESTSPAUL FRANKLIN, VINCE GILLAfghanistan MisleadingVÅRBUDGET 2012VÅRBUDGET 2012 DEBATTNORWAY-TRIAL/AFGHANISTAN/KALMAR-HÄCKENRosie Huntington-WhiteleyVÅRBUDGET 2012 KOMMENTAR (S)HEMIS_1390502.jpgMAT&RECEPTDJURGÅRDEN-MALMÖMAT&RECEPTSOCCER-SPAIN/Germany Soccer Champions LeaguePALESTINIANS-ISRAEL/FRANCE-HISTORY-WWII-AUBRACHELSINGBORG-GAISGERMANY/Memorable SalutesTRIANGELN MALMÖPolaris, 06256872Polaris, 06256862EXCL jane fonda 170412radio one 5 160412halle berry golf 3 170412dwina gibb 160412sarah jessica parker kids 180412KALMAR-HÄCKENQuill: The Life of a Guide Dog (2004) - filmstillThe Wizard of Oz (1939)NYAA 2012 Tribeca BallAshley TisdaleVÅRBUDGET 2012 DEBATTNorth Korea Military ChiefEGYPT/EGYPT/SPAIN/EGYPT/DROTNING MARGRETHE 7 ÅRDrottning Margrethe och prins Henrik på Rosenborg SlotMAERSKDROTNING MARGRETHE 7 ÅRDROTNING MARGRETHE 7 ÅRVÅRBUDGET 2012SPACE-SHUTTLE/Serbia FiatNORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLGermany Soccer Champions LeagueAircraft / Aviation / Balloons / Helicopters / Jets / Pilots / PlanesNORWAY-TRIAL/HELSINGBORG-GAISTOPHER GRACENORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIAL-BREIVIK-FILESFRANCE-ELECTIONS/Umeå FC - Hammarby IFMAT&RECEPTCrimes / Criminals / Judges / Lawyers / TrialsKALMAR-HÄCKENHEMIS_0878450.jpgTOPSHOTS -NORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALRichard Davenport-HinesRussia Exxon OilHEMIS_0878504.jpgNorway Massacre TrialGermany Soccer Champions LeagueGermany Soccer Champions LeagueTo Be CategorizedKorean WarNorway Massacre TrialMAT&RECEPTFYROM MACEDONIA CRIME UNRESTPremiere The Lucky One LA.JPEG-04f9fNORWAY-TRIAL/Bombs / Guns / WeaponsJung ChangAfghanistanREPSOL-SPAIN/KALHYGGEMalaysia Defense ExhibitionGermany Soccer Champions LeagueKALHYGGECAROLINE VON MALMBORGALICE EVEHEMIS_0879907.jpgFINN LAURITZENOLY-2012-BRIUTAIN-ENVIRONMENT-FILESSOCCER-CHAMPIONS/VINCE GILLVietnam WarGermany Soccer Champions LeagueKALMAR-HÄCKENKorean WarNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALNEWYORK-SECURITY/Beauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingGERMANY SOCCER UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUEHEMIS_1656447.jpg1970-1979 Actor / ActressPrue LeithGREECE-MINISTER/Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosNZEALAND-QUAKE-CATHEDRALNORWAY-TRIAL/APPEARANCE1970-1979 Actor / ActressNorway Massacre TrialBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingAMERICAS-SUMMIT/India Rickshaw StrikeAfghanistan133220961960-1969 Actor / ActressREPSOL-SPAIN/KALHYGGENORWAY-TRIAL/FRANCE-HISTORY-WWII-AUBRACHEMIS_0878494.jpgBettany HughesRussia / Soviet UnionBombs / Guns / WeaponsBRITAIN-GATWICK/China Daily LifeGEFLE-ELFSBORGUTÖYA NORGEGermany / Lithuania / PolandItaly / San MarinoAccidents / Disasters / Fires / Floods / TragediesNORWAY-TRIAL/KALMAR-HÄCKENJung ChangPremiere Safe NY.JPEG-0701bJordan / Kuwait / Saudi ArabiaFrance / Monaco / SarkSYRIA/BRITAIN CUTHBERT GOSPELHELSINGBORG-GAISAircraft / Aviation / Balloons / Helicopters / Jets / Pilots / PlanesNorway Massacre TrialGreece Politics CorruptionGBISSAU-POLITICS-COUPGRÖNSAKERArgentina OilBesiktas v GalatasarayKOREA-NORTH/TENNIS-MONTECARLO/NORWAY-TRIAL/NORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALMAT&RECEPTUS Politics / GovernmentBritain Olympics London 2012 100 DaysEDELSTAMPRISETMAT&RECEPTBabies / Children / Multiple BirthsAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosGermany / Lithuania / PolandBallet / Circus / Comedians / Dancers / Entertainers / PlaysTOPP RUSSIA/MAT&RECEPTAccidents / Disasters / Fires / Floods / TragediesJung ChangBands / Composers / Instruments / Musicians / Opera / Orchestra / Records / Singers / Songwriters / Symphonyshttp://tt.se/media/image/sdlsz294384NORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALTo Be CategorizedCuba / Dominican Republic / HaitiAFGHANISTAN/SYRIA/MYANMAR NEW YEAR THINGYAN FESTIVALMALMÖ BRANDNORWAY-TRIAL/Canucks Kings HockeyNorway MassacrePAUL FRANKLIN, VINCE GILLNORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLBelgium EU UN Sustainable EnergyFrance / Monaco / SarkAfghanistanFrance Presidential ElectionsNORWAY-TRIAL/Aircraft / Aviation / Balloons / Helicopters / Jets / Pilots / PlanesAFGHANISTAN/HEMIS_1656388.jpgBands / Composers / Instruments / Musicians / Opera / Orchestra / Records / Singers / Songwriters / SymphonysKorean WarBands / Composers / Instruments / Musicians / Opera / Orchestra / Records / Singers / Songwriters / SymphonysURBA1_20120416_PMC_399.JPG-0ca46KALMAR-HÄCKENTITANICBRAZILBettany HughesFrance Presidential ElectionsINDIA-ECONOMY/HKN Rangers Senators 20120416NJ Hall of FameNorway Massacre TrialCOACHELLA/Andrew DaviesB1204168177NORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALAnimation / Cartoons / Comics / Dolls / Puppets / ToysBANGLADESH-ECONOMY-IMFPrue LeithAndrew DaviesBRITAIN-CORRUPTION-COURTBoston Marathon ExplosionsBettany HughesCrimes / Criminals / Judges / Lawyers / TrialsHEMIS_0878405.jpgUnited Kingdom / IrelandSpain Argentina RepsolPAKISTAN-HEALTH-CHILDTOPP INDIA/SAFE2_20120416_AAT_068.JPG-07d30DJURGÅRDEN-MALMÖBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingNORWAY-TRIAL/VÅRBUDGET 2012 DEBATTGRANPLANTERINGBands / Composers / Instruments / Musicians / Opera / Orchestra / Records / Singers / Songwriters / SymphonysArmenia / Cyprus / Syria / TurkeyHEMIS_1405604.jpgNORWAY TRIAL/DJURGÅRDEN-MALMÖBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingRed seat belt trapped outside white car door. USA. 2012NORWAY-TRIAL/APPEARANCESAAB EDGÅNGLOOSEGOATSPHILIPPINES/GEFLE-ELFSBORGRichard Davenport-HinesTOPHER GRACEIndia Right To EducationKOREA-NORTH/AFGHANISTAN/Movements / OrganizationsFBL-ENG-PR-ARSENAL-WIGAN-ATHLETICChinaBritain Soccer Premier LeagueHEMIS_1390506.jpgMAT&RECEPTBettany HughesHEMIS_0878497.jpgAfghanistanBelgium EU UN Sustainable EnergyFRANCE/NORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLChinaNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALMALI DOGONPANAMA-ITALY-MARTINELLI-BERLUSCONI-INQUIRY-FILESUS-SYRIA-CONFLICT-AIR FORCE-DEFENCEGermany WWIIGermany Soccer Champions LeagueAUSTRIA-MUSIC-OPERAIndia Right To EducationBesiktas v GalatasarayFamous People's FamiliesPYONGYANG NORDKOREANorway Massacre TrialVÅRBUDGET 2012USA-CITIZEN/RENOUNCERosie Huntington-WhiteleyMALI DOGONJung ChangGEFLE-ELFSBORGHKO-HKN-SPO-142989022LIBYA/13321045Myanmar Suu KyiNORWAY-TRIAL/1950-1959 Actor / ActressNORWAY-TRIAL/North Korea Staged in PyongyangMAT&RECEPTBettany HughesHELSINGBORG-GAISNORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLNORWAY-TRIAL/Israel / Lebanon / PalestineSAAB EDGÅNGJung ChangSOCCER-ENGLAND/Italy Gladiators ProtestGRANSKOGRosie Huntington-WhiteleyNORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLUS-142977114Felipe Juan FroilanINDIA/1930-1939 Actor / ActressIndia / Nepal / PakistanMAT&RECEPTUS Politics / GovernmentLandmarks / Memorials / Monuments / Museums / Parks / StatuesBusinessmen / CEO's / ExecutivesHEMIS_0879909.jpgBRITAIN/TOPHER GRACEBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingHEMIS_0878426.jpgRosie Huntington-WhiteleyNORWAY-TRIAL/APPEARANCETOPP DJURGÅRDEN-MALMÖTOPSHOTS-US-POLITICS-DEFENCE-PANETTAChina Daily LifeTOPHER GRACESYRIA/Korean WarETIMOR-VOTEAshley TisdaleRosie Huntington-WhiteleySyria 2013ALICE EVEOlympics / Pan American GamesSyria 2013Beauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingUS-SYRIA-CONFLICT-AIR FORCE-DEFENCE2012 Tribeca BallTaylor SchillingBesiktas v GalatasaraySOCCER-ENGLAND/Germany Soccer Champions LeagueFBL-ENG-PR-ARSENAL-WIGAN-ATHLETICRichard Davenport-HinesRUSSIA/VÅRBUDGET 2012 DEBATTBettany HughesNORWAY-TRIAL/TORKA ALDRIG TÅRARTOPP GEFLE-ELFSBORGNYAA 2012 Tribeca BallNYAA 2012 Tribeca BallBallet / Circus / Comedians / Dancers / Entertainers / PlaysDJURGÅRDEN-MALMÖHEMIS_0878428.jpgBoxingTUKANAudrina Patridge2012 Tribeca BallNYAA 2012 Tribeca BallAudrina PatridgeTaylor SchillingAUSTRIA-MUSIC-OPERAMooseheads Remparts HockeyHEMIS_1656369.jpgMAT&RECEPTBesiktas v GalatasarayAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosAPTOPIX North Korea Military Parade Satellite ImageArgentina OilTOPP TOPSHOTS -AFGHANISTAN-UNREST-ATTACKFRANCE RESISTANCE HERO AUBRAC FUNERALMusic Vince Gill Paul FranklinNORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLTOPP GERMANY/Greece Politics CorruptionVINCE GILLHEMIS_0878408.jpgHEMIS_0879893.jpgSAAB EDGÅNGAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosRangers Senators HockeyFrance Presidential ElectionsFamous People's FamiliesBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingUmeå FC - Hammarby IFBettany Hughes850-78US-142977116MAT&RECEPTBRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-MUSIC-BEEGEES-GIBB-HEALTHNorway Massacre TrialETIMOR-VOTEMovements / OrganizationsFrance Presidential ElectionsBettany HughesBRITAIN/SAAB EDGÅNGHEMIS_0878379.jpgFRANCE2012-ELECTIONS-CAMPAIGN-FEATURENORWAY-TRIAL/MYANMAR/TOPP Mideast BahrainOLY-2012-BRITAIN-ENVIRONMENT-FILESMYANMAR/Korean War1960-1969 Actor / ActressNorway Massacre TrialNorth KoreaNORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIALNORWAY-TRIAL/APPEARANCECHINA CAPSULE GELATINEAUSTRALIA-CRIME-ANIMAL-PENGUIN-OFFBEATHEMIS_0878507.jpgUnited Kingdom / IrelandVÅRBUDGET 2012 DEBATTGermany WWIIDentists / Doctors / Inventors / Medicine / ScienceHUBEI-SHIYAN-DROUGHTVÅRBUDGET 2012 DEBATTPortugal / SpainBible / Cardinals / Churches / Monks / Nuns / Popes / Priests / ReligionPremiere The Lucky One LA.JPEG-06796FALUN SNÖGOLDMANSACHS/APTOPIX North KoreaTo Be CategorizedMAT&RECEPTAlgeria Libya1970-1979 Actor / ActressFrance WWIIINDIA-POLITICS-ECONOMY-REFORM-FILESDJURGÅRDEN-MALMÖHEMIS_0879898.jpgBritain London 2012 Olympics 100 daysBands / Composers / Instruments / Musicians / Opera / Orchestra / Records / Singers / Songwriters / SymphonysBettany HughesHEMIS_0878423.jpgSAAB EDGÅNG1950-1959 Actor / ActressGLASÖGONChina Daily LifeSwitzerland Christies AuctionRangers Senators HockeyPrisonsSOCCER-CHAMPIONS/Germany WWIINORWAY-ATTACKS-TRIAL850-92RUSSIA-PROTESTSVÅRBUDGET 2012 KOMMENTAR (MP)Sweden Dinner Mix UpGermany Soccer Champions LeagueBesiktas v GalatasarayHELSINGBORG-GAIS1950-1959 Actor / ActressKorean WarVÅRBUDGET 2012 KOMMENTAR (S)NORRKÖPING-SUNDSVALLHELSINGBORG-GAISHEMIS_0878466.jpgGERMANYLERIG VÄGVÅRBUDGET 2012 KOMMENTAR (S)Olympics / Pan American GamesBands / Composers / Instruments / Musicians / Opera / Orchestra / Records / Singers / Songwriters / SymphonysEAST-TIMOR/ELECTIONVÅRBUDGET 2012Crimes / Criminals / Judges / Lawyers / TrialsBritain Wine ChallengeEurovision Song ContestFRANCE-ELECTION/Director GUILLERMO DEL TORO on the set of Pacific Rim (2013)ETIMOR-VOTEFrance Presidential ElectionsThe War of the Worlds (1953) - 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Cenderawasih Bay, Papua Province, IndonesiaMar Lodge Estate looking across the River Dee valley to the entrance of Glen Quoich. Deeside, Scotland, April 2012.Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) Deeside, Scotland, April.Roussanou monastery, GreeceAgile Mangabey (Cercocebus agilis) crossing branch. Bai Hokou, Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, Central African RepublicA diver swims with an aggregation of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) over a kelp forest. These cod were gathered in early spring off the north coast of Iceland to spawn. Thorshofn, Iceland. North Atlantic Ocean. April 2012Town set in countryside between Pyongyang and Kaesong, Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (DPRK), North Korea, 2012Wild boar piglet (Sus scrofa), Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, UK, April.Volunteers preparing a tern raft to attract nesting Common Terns (Sterna hirundo) on Filby Broad, Trinity Broads, Norfolk Broads, UK, April 2012, sequence 5/7Coot (Fulica atra) on nest with eggs and chick in reeds, Filby Broad in Trinity Broads, Norfolk Broads, UK, AprilDinghy moored to jetty on Filby Broad in Trinity Broads, Norfolk Broads, Norfolk, UK, AprilDROTNING MARGRETHE 7 ÅRDROTNING MARGRETHE 7 ÅRDROTNING MARGRETHE 7 ÅRDROTNING MARGRETHE 7 ÅRDrottning Margrethe och prins Henrik på Rosenborg SlotNORWAY-TRIAL/Heirs / Heiress / Royalty / SocialitesTo Be Categorized