03 maj, 1996

7066550020Clinton Poses for a Group Photo with United States Armed Forces S50020Administration building of the vehicle manufacturer BMWhttp://tt.se/media/image/sdlspd58843'The Great White Hype' Movie Stillshttp://tt.se/media/image/sdlspd553caTANZANIA NYERERE ZAMBIA1996 - Barb Wire - Movie SetZAIRE REFUGEEShttp://tt.se/media/image/sdlspd5883a1996 - Barb Wire - Movie Set20360http://tt.se/media/image/sdlspd5883950020ÖSTERSJÖKONFERENSEN VISBY1996 - Barb Wire - Movie Set1996 - Barb Wire - Movie SetHeadquarters of the vehicle manufacturer BMW