19 februari, 1985

INCESTLO-KAMPANJLO-KAMPANJAPHS50603Antiques / Art / Ceramics / Murals / Paint / Photography / SculptingPhil Collins Pop Star With His Wife Jill Tavelman Who Is Wearing A Phil Collins Mask 1985Singer Boy George And Mother Dinah O'dowd At Roof Gardens Party Kensington.APHS116611APHS50602APHS50604Watchf Associated Press Domestic News Massachusett United States APHS57196 MAN OF THE YEARAPHS116609HISTORISKEBILDERAPHS116616Querfeldein WM in München Klaus Peter Thaler BR Deutschland bejubelt seinen SiegPrincess of Wales - Claire Longdon - DerbyNIGHT OF ONE HUNDRED STARS AT THE HILTON HOTEL, NEW YORK, AMERICA - 1985Antiques / Art / Ceramics / Murals / Paint / Photography / SculptingDan MarinoAPHSMAPHS116617APHS116612Hms Resolution Royal Navy Nuclear Submarine Chief Petty Officer John Jones Hms Resolution (s22) Was The First Of The Royal Navy's Resolution-class Ballistic Missile Submarines. Ordered In May 1963 She Was Built By Vickers Armstrong At A Cost Of Ii40APHS116607APHS116615APHS116613APHS116610