06 november, 1978

01577463APHS44088A Bread Queue At A Victoria Bakery In London During The Bakers Strike Of 1978Raymond Barre at the Reuniondolly4dolly5APHS224110APHS153410Baltimore ColtsAPHS115797dolly2France / Monaco / SarkAfghanistan / Iran / IraqTo Be CategorizedA Strange Gathering Of Three Top Names From The Seventies But All With A Love For Sport. From Left To Right: Elton John Tennis Star Billie Jean King And Rock Star Rod Stewart.APHS221327APHS101377Edward Brooke, Jesse Jackson'US Politics / GovernmentPeople Queue For Bread At Norwood Road In London During The StrikeAyatollah KhomeiniJohn Riggins, Washington Redskins running back, AmericaPeople Buying Up Bread On The Eve Of The Bakers Strike In 1978 A Scene Inside The Michael Over Bakery On Rye Lane In PeckhamAPHS203412APHS203473APHS211662APHS104472APHS203415Edward Brooke