01 mars, 1974

TOPP Japan Obit OnodaJan GuilouHAMNGATAN 1974CHRISTER ABRAHAMSSONTennis player Stanislav GomozkovTennis players Stanislav Gomozkov and Sarkis SarhoyanZoya RudnovaAthlete Nikolai AvilovAthlete Valery PodluzhnyAthletes Vladimir Vavilov and Nikolai Smagatopfoto-20090805114_3KJELL SVENSSONAthlete Lyudmila BraginaAthletes A.Hall and A.MalyukovBasketball player Alexander BoloshovCHRISTER ABRAHAMSSONhttp://tt.se/media/image/sdlspe2b3faTennis player Sarkis SarhoyanINTERVJU UTANFÖR STADSHUSETCHRISTER ABRAHAMSSONC-H HERMANSSONCARL GUSTAF VON ROSENTelevision show 'Dalli Dalli'Television show 'Dalli Dalli'Crowds At Trafalgar Square Watching The Huge Screen For The General Election Results. Lord Carrington Talks To The Press About Labour.AaronFordAPHS260202AaronAPHS233787APHS233770AaronAPHS102169ColsonAPHS225748000_1_5_328.jpgRitzau ScanpixRitzau ScanpixGöran StangertzaphsfAPHS201322APHS233766APHS233753APHS233765APHS233771APHS233775APHS233763APHS233774BILL WALTONHOWESAaronEdward Heath (died July 2005) Politician 1974 Edward Heath (died July 2005) Pictured Early Today As Election Results Were Flooding In. Mr Heath Looked Anxious And Thoughtful As He Left The Count After His Win Was Announced In His Constituency At SidcFederal president Heinemann on state visit in BelgiumHans-Dietrich GenscherAFTONBLADET / 2536Argentina / Falkland Islands / ParaguayArgentina / Falkland Islands / ParaguayAPHS170082APHS233788APHS233786Stan MusialAPHS233758APHS233757APHS233764Hiroo OnodaAPHS102172Eawatchf AP I VIETNAM APHS HANOI SARY SAMPHANHans-Dietrich GenscherAPHS188927APHS233762APHS211216APHS225750APHS158520Moore EklundAPHS110Guenter NetzerAFTONBLADET / 2536France / Monaco / SarkPrime Minister Edward Heath Leaves No. 10 For The Palace. Mr Edward Heath (died July 2005) Rebuffed And Rejected In The Most Desperately Close Run General Election Of This Century Last Night Told The Queen That He Is Not Resigning Is He Can Help It.APHS188926APHS222303HANK AARONAPHS182366APHS102168