25 november, 1968

LK1968MMXXDOC1280343LK1968MMXXDOC1280339LK1968MMXXDOC1280340Young man bleeds to death on the demarcation lineYoung man bleeds to death on the demarcation lineAPHS681125Student Beefeaters On The Underground At Tower Hill Station. The University Students Were In Training For A Production Of Opera 'yeoman Of The Guard'. L-r: Dick Haswell Jim Monarch Chris GorniakChris Ward On The London To Sydney Road Marathon With Mrs Michael ClarkeAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosChristine Darby Murder Case Staffordshire. Crowds Outside The Court In Cannock As Raymond Morris Is Charged With The Murder Of Seven-year-old Christine Darby Whose Body Was Found On Cannock Chase Last August.Actress Claudia Cardinale 1939 -Roger Moore With Wife Luisa Mattioli (divorced March 2003).APHS137281CHRISTIANE KRUEGERCHRISTIANE KRUEGERYoung man bleeds to death on the demarcation lineBombs / Guns / WeaponsAuthor / Book Reviewers / Columnist / Editors / Poets / Publisher / WriterJan-Öjvind Swahn retrospektivEric Morecambe (dead 5/1984)APHS108435