21 februari, 1968

OLOF PALME VIETNAMDEMONorth Pole Expedition 1968VIETNAM WAR U.S. MARINE QUOTEFASHION LANVIN CHARADE OUTFITPolice U.S. Louisiana Club Pulled RevolverVietnam AP Was There Tet OffensiveTIMOTHY LEARY LSD ADVOCATOLOF PALME VIETNAMDEMOOLOF PALME VIETNAMDEMOMireille MathieuH. Rap Browntopfoto-20150924114136-2076H. Rap BrownPolice U.S. Louisiana ClubH. Rap BrownH. Rap BrownH. Rap Browntopfoto-20150924114142-8062H. Rap BrownH. Rap BrownOLOP PALME VIETNAMDEMOWomen FutureTIMOTHY LEARY CONFERENCEOLOF PALME VIETNAMDEMOOLOF PALME VIETNAMDEMOOLOP PALME VIETNAMDEMORitzau ScanpixRitzau ScanpixMono Print'Concorde' / Foto - Aircraft, 'Concorde' / photo - Concorde / Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), 21.02.1968.People from Berlin demonstrate for peace and libertyPeople from Berlin demonstrate for peace and libertyDemonstration in front of Berlin SDS office 1968Pop Group The Paper Dolls L-r Suzanne Mathis Susan Marshall Pauline Bennett The Paper Dolls Were A Late 1960s British Female Vocal Trio From Northampton Comprising Lead Vocalist Susie 'tiger' Mathis Pauline 'spyder' Bennett And Sue 'copper' MarKennedy Family Leaving New York, New YorkKennedy Family Leaving New York, New YorkMono Print'Concorde' / Foto - Aircraft, 'Concorde' / photo - Essais de roulage du Concorde / Toulouse (Haute-Garonne).Auto / Car Parts / Engines / Tire / Transportation / VehiclesDessy Tsimou Miss Mini Skirt Of Greece Seen In Hyde Park.Nelson''s Column In Trafalgar Square Showing The Statue Of Admiral Lord Nelson Under Cleaning And Restoration 1968Kennedy Family Leaving New York, New YorkKennedy Family Leaving New York, New YorkHelmut and Loki SchmidtMono Print'Concorde' / Foto - Aircraft, 'Concorde' / photo - Le Concorde à Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), 21.02.1968.AFTONBLADET / 5600French Singer Johnny HallydayChrissie Shrimpton Model/actress Is The Sister Of Jean Shrimpton Model.Kennedy Family Leaving New York, New YorkKennedy Family Leaving New York, New YorkMono PrintGermany / Lithuania / PolandNelson Column Being Cleaned For The First Time Since It Was Erected In 1844 The Statue At The Top Had Been Cleaned Three Times Previously. A Head For Heights Was Required By Press Photographers Who Were Assigned To Lord Nelson's Photocall Atop The 1Littlewood''s Chain Stores Send Models To The Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibtion To Model 1930 Style Clothes. Despite Some Fairly Extreme Experiments With Clothing Taking Advantage Of New Materials And Some Risqu Styles Towards The End Of The Sixties ThKennedy Family Leaving New York, New YorkCleaning Of Nelson's Column In Trafalgar Square London.China