27 januari, 1968

http://tt.se/media/image/sdlspd398d3MAURICE CHEVALIERMono NegativeDianan Ross Singer With Brian Jones Of The Rolling Stones Pop Group 1968.SportAPHSL1271FlemingNV-TT-00742551A.jpgBobsledding / Skating / Skiing ----- Figure Skating / Ice Skating / Roller Derby / SlalomSportDiana Ross Cindy Birdsong And Mary Wilson Of The Supremes Singing Group With Vanessa Redgrave Actress At Duke And Duchess Of Bedford's (not Pictured) Party 1968.APHS103616Mono PrintAPHSL1214APHSL1234NV-TT-00742589A.jpgNV-TT-00742586A.jpgMono NegativeFashion Women 1968 Model Wearing Fashions From Courreges.SportSportAPHSL1237Mono NegativeSportSportSportAPHSL1172APHSL1293APHSL1292APHSL1315APHSL1243APHSL1225APHS201966