19 januari, 1967

topfoto-20140205151133-0313Mono NegativeMono NegativeMono NegativeMono NegativeMono Negative AFTONBLADET / 5600APHS180373Hank AaronAPHS237363Radio4.jpgWEB_INRIKESMono PrintMono NegativeMono NegativeAPHS228748Hank Aaron, William C. BartholomayJames LovellALCINDORSinger Cilla Black With Actor David Warner - 1967Germany / Lithuania / PolandJeremy Thorpe leaving the House of Commons after his electionHISTORISKEBILDERMono NegativeActor Michael Caine With Camilla Sprav In 1967 First Your Getting Married Then Your Not And All Your Friends Reckon Your About To Take The Plunge. This Beautiful Blonde Bird Camilla Sparv Is Causing All The Fuss. You Either Love Her Or You Dont.Caine SparvNV-TT-00782656A.jpgMono NegativeMono NegativeMono NegativeMono NegativeGermany / Lithuania / PolandUnited Kingdom / IrelandAPHS237364James Lovell, Warren KnowlesAPHS101562HISTORISKEBILDERHISTORISKEBILDERMono NegativeMono NegativeMono NegativeMono PrintChinaJames LovellJames LovellHISTORISKEBILDER