11 juni, 1966

topfoto-2010042521494Dnieper Hydroelectric StationAlexandrov Song And Dance Ensemble Of The Soviet ArmyMonument to first Komsomol members, Magnitogorsk Iron and SteelMagnitogorsk Iron and Steel CompanyAlexandrov Song And Dance Ensemble Of The Soviet ArmySoviet writer Vitaly SyominAPHS224863APHS257876Mono PrintNY312Seamen Retreat After Throwing Cases Of Eggs From The Quayside During Strike Blockade At Ardglass County Down Ireland.Germany / Lithuania / PolandGermany / Lithuania / PolandAircraft / Aviation / Balloons / Helicopters / Jets / Pilots / PlanesGermany / Lithuania / Poland'Spinout' Movie StillsAPHS257873APHS257881APHS257877APHS257875APHS257880Ira Von FurstenbergMono PrintAPHS257878APHS257879'Spinout' Movie StillsMono NegativeAmerican Evangelist Billy Graham Makes A Speech At Earls Court.1960-1969 Actor / ActressAPHS257874John Kennedy, Jacqueline KennedyAPHS265383APHS265382