05 juni, 1966

Dubna cityIraqi doctorate student at Moscow universityEmployees of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in DubnaDefending thesis at Moscow State UniversityJoint Institute for Nuclear Research in DubnaDubna cityhovdam Lykke von Schwerin Lykke HornemannDubna cityMongolian pastureShevchenko citySecretary General of French Ministry of Navy Jean Morin visits UAPHS169747Billy Graham'Spinout' Movie StillsMotor Racing'Spinout' Movie StillsIndian Conductor Zubin MehtaSalvatore Burruni (11 April 1933 ? 30 March 2004) Was An Italian Flyweight And Bantamweight Boxer Who Fought Between 1957 To 1969. Burruni Was Born In Alghero (sardinia Italy) And Fought Mostly In Europe.APHS169746The Red Duster Flag Flying At Merchant Navy Seamans Meeting At Trafalgar Square During Seamens Strike.APHS256270John F. Kennedy Jr., Jacqueline Kennedy, Sydney LawfordNY321