21 oktober, 1965

http://tt.se/media/image/sdlsp851976http://tt.se/media/image/sdlsp851973topfoto-20141022061044-4475Ritzau ScanpixMono NegativeMono NegativeFashion - Women - 1965 The Total Look In White Chevron-patterned Courtelle Could Be Your Most Eye-catching Winter Get-up. Matching Dress Stockings And Bonnet Make A Snow-girl Outfit Which Adds Up To Far More Impact That The Sum Of Its Parts. DesignedActivist / Protest / Riot / StrikesActress Jacqueline Chan (jacqui Chan) Former Girlfriend Of Photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones. Box 0595 25062015 00096a.jpg.O'Toole HustonAPHS181982Charles Gogolak, Ran LandeckNicholas Katzenbach, Claude WagnerNicholas Katzenbach, Claude WagnerRitzau ScanpixBallet / Circus / Comedians / Dancers / Entertainers / PlaysUnited Kingdom / IrelandAPHS238694Charley GogolakLyndon Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson002_7_8_624.jpgJournalist Activist Judith Todd Having A Smoke At The Teach-in With Lord James Douglas Hamilton And Sir Alec Douglas Home (right) Judith Todd (born 1943) Is Daughter Of Garfield Todd (1908oo2002) Rhodesian Prime Minister 1953-8 And A Political ActiviCanvas Screen Around The Spot On Saddleworth Moor Where A Second Body Was Found Ian Brady And Myra Hindley Were Charged With The MurdersAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosAPHS181984Watchf Associated Press Domestic News Massachusett United States APHS55602 NOBEL CHEMISTRY WINNERMono NegativeBallet / Circus / Comedians / Dancers / Entertainers / PlaysWatchf Associated Press International News United States APHS55623 NOBEL PRIZE WINNER 1965APHS132554Charles Gogolak, Bob BedellCharley GogolakTriumph International Show Swimsuits. (l To R): Chris Rieker Germany In Aktuell Anette Buhrens Germany In Club Swimsuit Geka Sommer Germany In Montecarlo And Davina Adams Of Australia In Alassio In Hyde Park 1965.Moors Murders 1965 Police Search Saddleworth Moor Canvas Screens Around The Spot Where A Second Body Was Found 21/10/1965. Myra Hindley And Ian Brady Are Serving Live Sentences For Five Murders.Police Searching Saddleworth Moor. Inspector John Craddock (with Dog) With Mrs Crowther Wife Of A Local Farmer Walking To A Spot Where She Say A Man Digging The Moors Murders - Carried Out By Ian Brady And Myra Hindley Between July 1963 And October 1APHS214714APHS216795EDWALL_GUSTAFSSON.jpg