25 februari, 1965

Robert McNamaraVatican CardinalsANTIKVARIATHAMBURGNICOLAI GEDDAANTIKVARIATELISABETH SÖDERSTRÖMANTIKVARIATPaul VI 1965SIRI DERKERTANTIKVARIATJACKSON LEE THOMASPaul VI 1965Father Cocker SuspendedANTIKVARIATTHE BEATLESANTIKVARIATANTIKVARIATANTIKVARIAThttp://tt.se/media/image/sdlsp039538Robert McNamaratopfoto-20160928115318-5591Vatican Cardinalshttp://tt.se/media/image/sdlspd24f52Lou van BurgRuben Carter U.s. Middleweight Boxer At The Cumberland Hotel In London. He Is In England To Fight Harry Scott. (ruben ''hurricane'' Carter)Henry Ford And His New Bride On Their HoneymoonDavid Hockney Artist In His Studio1960-1969 Actor / ActressBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingExhibition Kinetics and Objects in Stuttgart1965. Sophia Loren Actress.. Actor Peter Ustinov (died March 2004) Reveals The Alexander Korda Star A New Award By The British Film Institute To Sophia Loren At The Empire Theatre In Leicester Square.... Actresses Films.Co Trainer Franz Seybold VfB StuttgartImmigrants From Georgetown Arriving At London Airport 1965... The First Immigrant Charter Since The Home Secretary Ordered A Tightening Up. Evening Standard Centenary City Supplement-london On The Move...GEORGE HARRISON AND WIFE, PATTIE BOYD, PICTURED AT LONDON AIRPORT ON THEIR ARRIVAL FROM BAHAMAS, WHERE THEY SPENT THEIR HONEYMOON. 25/02/65Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck Changing The Nappy On His Baby Daughter Liza Tarbuck.