11 februari, 1965

KUMLAANSTALTENMalcolm Xtopfoto-20150506132927-9625KUMLAANSTALTENKUMLAANSTALTENMalcolm XGÖSTA KNUTSSONGÖSTA KNUTSSONKUMLAANSTALTENKUMLAANSTALTENMono NegativeBeatles Drummer Ringo Starr And Wife Maureen (nee. Cox) (died In December 1994) In 1965 (divorced In 1975).Denmark / Finland / Greenland / IcelandFBI / Fire Department / PoliceHeirs / Heiress / Royalty / SocialitesAPHS252277CH HERMANSSON 1965Lord John Opens His New Premises And Among His First Guests .none Other Than The Celebrated Beau Brummel The Sartorial Singer He Arrived In A Horse Drawn LandauRobert Wace And Grenville Collins Managers Of Pop Group 'the Kinks'.Actress Fenella Fielding At The Centenary Luncheon At The Cafe Royal. (for Full Caption See Version) Box 703 40208169 A.jpg.APHS67165historiskebilderDORIS LESSINGDORIS LESSINGMono NegativeMono NegativeCharles Forte Right (later Lord Forte-died February 2007) At The 100th Birthday Celebrations Of The Cafe Royal With Richard Todd (left) And Arnold Wesker. Charles Forte Baron Forte Of RipleyAPHS262112APHS227165Mono NegativeRobert Wace And Grenville Collins Managers Of Pop Group 'the Kinks'.FBI / Fire Department / PoliceAPHS67149Mono NegativeBorder houses in East Berlin are torn down for the WallAuto / Car Parts / Engines / Tire / Transportation / VehiclesBeauty / Beauty Pageants / Clothing / Cosmetics / Fashion / Hair Styles / ModelingAPHS189525historiskebilder