02 augusti, 1963

20696Greenwich Village LandmarkULF SCHMIDT20071130130012-1624I LEKSAKSAFFĂ„RENSportAntiques / Art / Ceramics / Murals / Paint / Photography / SculptingItalian Politician Arturo MicheliniSportSportMary Jo Kennedy, Marvella Bayh, Mrs. William Bray, Linda JonesAPHS80350Spurs In Training Today At Cheshunt And Posing For Team Photos. Terry Medwin The Spurs Winger Who Injured His Ankle Last Season Lines Up With Team With His Leg Still In PlasterAPHS232280APHS232278Mono PrintMono NegativeSportAPHS630802A cross in memory of a shot down refugee at the German-German borderTottenham Hotpsur In Training Today At Cheshunt. Posing For The Photographers And Fans For A Team ShootSportSportAPHS111