16 januari, 1963

GAITSKELL, HUGHWeatherMono Negative449595449591449597449599449604449602449607449616449614449618449623Comedian Tommy Cooper (died April 1984) Pictured Helping To Clean Up The Fire Damaged Stage At Manchester's Palace Theatre.George Brown Labour Politician 1963.Opera 'the Rise And Fall Of The Cty Of Mahagonny' L-r Ronald Dowd Donald Mcintre Leon Green Alberto RemediosEdward Brooke, Endicott Peabody181176286557843732962337396448449585449594449609449605449606APHS27101837396478449601449603449619449624449629449632449633449636449628AFTONBLADET / 3920Barbara Powers, Robert Green37396477Heirs / Heiress / Royalty / Socialites37396450Mono Negative449615449611449586449666449626449622449596449638449631449634George Brown Deputy Labour Party Leader In Front Of Television Cameras At Manchester Airport Announcing To Viewers That He Has To Leave For Hospital As Party Leader Hugh Gaitskell Is Critically Ill 1963.37445247ROBERT BROBERG449627449598449608449612449587449630449625449637449635APHS131813NEW HEAD COACHBrown's new head coach373964763739644937315334Germany / Lithuania / PolandUnited Kingdom / Ireland