09 januari, 1963

KONGOKRISENtopfoto-20140603072422-4741KONGOKRISENKONGOKRISENtopfoto-20140603072844-4734John F. Kennedy meets Vasili KuznetsovMono Negative449169449198449205449204449217Boats / Sailing / ShipsDaily Mail Boys And Girls Exhibition At Olympia London Little Ann Brandreth Doing Twist With Dj Jimmy SavileAPHS142649APHS148855APHS102411449183449172449168449202449208449209APHS9207APHS145636APHS142648APHS166Harold Macmillan in the sitting room at Admiralty House, Whitehall, London, Britain - 09 Jan 1963Prince Charles in MunichPrince Charles in Munich449197449211449206449187449132449214449212449163449165449218Mono Negative449173John F. Kennedy meets Vasili KuznetsovHarold Macmillan in the sitting room at Admiralty House, Whitehall, London, Britain - 09 Jan 1963APHS152775APHS158990APHS148857APHS148856Sam Gibbons, John McCormackPrince Charles in Munich449164449166449196449170449178449175449177449185449182449186449184449201Harold Macmillan The 1st Earl Of Stockton (died 29/12/1986) Reading A Book In His Office.German Actress Ingrid SchoellerGerman Actress Ingrid SchoellerAPHS148858APHS148854APHS152771APHS145637Bavarian minister president Goppel meets Cardinal DöpfnerAPHS148770449219449220449207449200449203449210449176449193449189John F. Kennedy meets Vasili KuznetsovJohn F. Kennedy meets Vasili KuznetsovFashion Model Jean Shrimpton.Theatrical Plays Misalliance At The Royal Court Theatre Christopher Guinee As Bentley Summerhays Clings To Patricia Healy As Hypatia Tarleton When Alison Leggatt As Mrs Tarleton Makes A Verbal Attack On Him.Prince Charles in MunichCarol Burnett, Dmitri VailsAPHS102410