06 mars, 1961

BANDARANAIKE, SIRIMAVOMORD 1961topfoto-20140603072325-2786topfoto-20140603072442-9750410121Stan MusialSargent ShriverConnie Francis SingerAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosConnie Francis SingerShopping Street Traders Queue Of People At Ice Cream Van On The Embankment LondonIdeal Home Exhibition 1961. Picture Shows S New Baby Bath Being Demonstrated At The Exhibition. The Bath Is In High-density Polythene With Two Carrying Handles And Is Available In Blue Pink Lemon Or Natural.NV-TT-00608746A.jpg410087410106410112Entertainment News - March 6, 1961Author / Book Reviewers / Columnist / Editors / Poets / Publisher / WriterSinger Connie Francis.410083410111410114410126410098410118410113410088410080France / Monaco / SarkPrime Minister of South Africa Hendrik Verwoerd 1901 - 1966Mrs Sirimavo Bandaranaike Prime Minister Of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) Lights The Coconut Oil Lamp At The Begining Of Today's Special Half-hour Service At The Buddhist Temple In Kensington. Box 699 1140716130 A.jpg.410117410131410095410105410108411772Stan MusialAPHS258164APHS119676APHS227887JOSEPHINE BAKER410100410084410079410091410085Sirimavo Bandaranaike Ceylon (sri Lanka) Prime Minister And Son Anura Listen To A Ceylon Drummer At Buddhist Temple In Ovington Gardens Kensington. Box 698 713071616 A.jpg.Reading University Rag Queen Helen Weston 18 Year Old Of ChichesterAnimals / Aquariums / Archeology / Insects / Fossils / ZoosAPHS206661APHS103JOSEPHINE BAKERAPHS258915