22 maj, 1960

Hobbies – Fishing – Fishing at TassCHILEAN EARTHQUAKEIzvestia Cold War Cartoon 1960CHILEAN EARTHQUAKELeisure - Day Trip to the Tass Fishing CampJohn Kelley Marathon RunnerPresident Dwight Eisenhwoer and Rev. Robert MacAskillPresident Dwight Eisenhwoer and Rev. Robert MacAskillMARATHON KELLEY 19603942313942171960-1969 Actor / Actress394222394220394226394229394233394214394216394228394230394219394227Entertainment News - May 22, 1960Ritzau Scanpix394215Actor Laurence Olivier With Actress Joan Plowright Who Later Became His 3rd Wife.394218394213394223Doorman With Umbrella Outside Connaught Rooms London 1960.