07 april, 1945

topfoto-20081107070_7topfoto-2009111612313Dramatiska teaternMono PrintEinnahme v.Königsberg/Sowjetsoldaten... - WWII / Capture of Koenigsberg / Red Army -German soldiers during combat in Wroclaw,1945General Field Marshall Schoerner (June 12, 1892-July 2, 1973)German artillery observer on the Western front, 1945APHS123587APHS217APHS51341Einnahme v.Königsberg/Sowjet. Panzer... - Capture of Koenigsberg / Soviet troops -Chelsea (2) V Millwall (0) In The Final Of The Football League South Cup At Wembley.this Cup Took The Place Of The Fa Cup During The War YearsAPHS134360Mono PrintDramatiska teatern