19 juli, 1940

JUSSI BJÖRLINGHitler at Reichstag MeetingMunicipal AqueductEngland Winston ChurchillAUGUST BUSCH ADOLPHUS IIIMunicipal AqueductRitzau ScanpixRitzau ScanpixRitzau ScanpixRitzau ScanpixHitler and LeebRitzau ScanpixRitzau ScanpixRitzau ScanpixRitzau ScanpixWar-britain-army Home Defence Searchlights Men Of A Searchlight Unit In The Northwestern Fefence Area Keeping Up To Concert Pitch With Daily Training In Readiness For The German Attempt. They Get Plenty Of Practice On The Sound Locator From Passing ERitzau ScanpixRitzau ScanpixWoman Bus Conducter At Swanley Kent During Wwii. Paris under German occupation in 1940Ritzau ScanpixWomen with the SS newspaper 'Das Schwarze Korps'