01 juli, 1940

topfoto-20140429143454-8516HOVSLAGAREtopfoto-20140529134908-8624SOLDATER LYSSNAR PÅ SENASTE NYTTFarbige / USA/ Fischhandlung/Foto 1940 - Fish Store, Afro-American / Photo / 1940 -French farmers with a team of horses, in the background a German fighter plane, 1940Female workers of a munitions factory during the lunch break, 1941historiskebilderDiplodocus in Museum / USA/ Foto 1940 - Diplodocus in Museum / USA / Photo 1940 - Diplodocus dans un musée / USA / 1940Jüdische Zwangsarbeiter / Foto 1940 - Jewish forced labourers / Photo 1940 -Westfeldzug/dt.Truppen in Paris,Juli1940 - German Troops in Paris, July 1940 /Photo - Front ouest/Troupes all./Paris/Juil.1940Gefangene franz. Soldaten Juli 1940 - Captured French Soldiers, July 1940 -APHS204APHS200NYXXXWomen in a munitions factory, 1940Erich Hilgenfeldt in Paris, 1940'Strength Through Joy' ship Wilhelm Gustloff, 1940EUND0505448Jüdische Zwangsarbeiter / Foto 1940 - Jewish forced labourers / Photo 1940 -Anschluß Lettlands an d.UdSSR/Demo/Riga - Annexation of Latvia to the USSR / Riga - L'URSS annexe la Lettonie/ Manif. à RigaWestfeldzug/dt.Truppen in Paris,Juli1940 - Western Front/German Troups in Paris. - Troupes allemandes / Paris juillet 1940Arbeitsdienstmänner auf dem Weg.. 1940 - RAD Men to Clean up Behind Front / 1940 -Goering and Udet in a conversationGerman tank crew cleaning the gun barrel, 1940BDM girls scatter flowers for the victory parade in Berlin, 1940VariousPolish President Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz His Navy- Shakes Hands With C-in-c (plymouth) Admiral Sir M Dunbar At Admiralty House Circa 1940.Offspring for the German armed forcesAPHS1242.WK./Paris unter dt. Besatzung / Foto. - German Guard Regiment in Paris / 1940 - 2e G.M./Paris sous l'Occupation/PhotoMono PrintLEFT TO RIGHT: CAPTAIN A.S.FLETCHER, CLARK GABLE, CLAUDETTE COLBERT, AIR VICE MARSHALL CAVE BROWNE-CAVE,AND H.S.HOWATT VISITING AIRCRAFT FACTORIES DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR IN CALIFRONIA. 01/07/40.German positions on the demarcation line to Vichy France, 1940Victory parade after the French campaign in Berlin, 1940Docks of Haifa, 1940President Of Poland Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz Inspects His Navy At Plymouth - Aboard The Gydnia With Polish Navy And Army Officers Circa 1940.Cheering crowd at Hitler's arrival in BerlinHermann Goering and Robert GreimhistoriskebilderhistoriskebilderRitzau ScanpixArbeitsdienstmänner auf dem Weg.. 1940 - RAD Men to Clean up Behind Front / 1940 -2.WK./Paris unter dt. Besatzung / Foto. - Occupied Paris / Sacre Coeur / 1940 - 2e G.M./Paris sous l'Occupation/PhotoJüdische Zwangsarbeiter / Foto 1940 - Jewish forced labourers / Photo 1940 -Dt. Soldaten auf Strassburger Muenster - German soldiers on Strasburg Cathedral - Soldats allemands/Cathedrale StrasbourgVIVIEN LEIGH AND LAURENCE OLIVIER, NEW YORK. 01/07/40Adolf Hitler in the car parade through Berlin after the French campaign, 1940Nelso Holidays As Usual. Crowds Joining The Train For Blackpool.Female workers in a munitions factory, 1941Victory parade after the French campaign in Berlin, 1940Count Galeazzo Ciano and Joachim von Ribbentrop in Munich 1940Robert Ritter von Greim, 1940NYET100NY919ADAMSChurchillTACOMA'S NARROWS BRIDGE