04 mars, 1939

Franklin D. RooseveltFranklin D. RooseveltBataiskhttp://tt.se/media/image/sdlspd31d53FDR Speaks To Congress 1939Franklin D. RooseveltWWII Carpatho Ukraine 1939BatayskBatayskBatayskFDR Speaks To Congress 1939FDR Speaks To Congress 1939http://tt.se/media/image/sdlspd31d4cFranklin D. RooseveltBatayskBatayskBataysktopfoto-20131205153054-0880Franklin D. RooseveltREDS LOMBARDIBatayskBataiskFDR Speaks To Congress 1939UBÅTEN SJÖBJÖRNENCUBS ENGLISHFDR Speaks To Congress 1939topfoto-20131205153052-1214Verdi, Traviata / Jüd.Kulturbund 1939 - Verdi, Traviata / Jewish Cultural U.1939 -Glass plate mono negativeGlass plate mono negativeGlass plate mono negativeHenri Philippe Petain and Georges Bonnet in the Quai d'Orsay, 1939Hermann Goering and his wife Emmy embark on a vacation in Italy which they have planned for many weeksGlass plate mono negative