20 april, 1938

Vienna German BandGrandstand for Hitler Birthday ParadeKONCENTRATIONOn The Town Oberon Astor Shields 1938HITLERS FÖDELSEDAGDIMAGGIO ENDS YANKEE HOLD OUTHITLER OCH RIEFENSTAHLSTORMTROOPS PARADE HITLERKUNGLIG TENNISMATCHMono NegativeHitler's birthday, 1938Armed forces parade for Adolf Hitler's birthday, 1938Demonstration against National Socialism before the Yorkville Casino in New York, 1938Fist fight between US Nazis and opponents, 1938Third Reich - Parade for Hitler 1938'Anschluss' of Austria 1938 - First military parade of the WehrmachtAdolf Hitler and party meeting Leni Riefenstahl during a break between showings at the premiere of 'Olympia' at the UFA-Palast, Berlin, 1938 (b/w photo)Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler 1889 - 1945League of German Girls congratulate Adolf Hitler on his birthday, 1938Hitler's birthday, 1938Swearing in of NSDAP FunctionariesOfficial gallery with Hitler's cabinet, 1938Hitler's birthday 1938Mono Negative'Anschluß' Österr./Pflanzen/Hitler-Eiche - 'Anschluss' Austr./Plant.Hitler-Oak/1938 - 'Anschluss' / 1er chêne de Hitler plantéAdolf Hitler, 1939Leni Riefenstahl and Hans Ertl on the Reich sports ground in order to prepare the film Olympia, 1938Soldiers of the Artillery Regiment 59 during the parade on the birthday of Adolf Hitler, 1938Mono NegativeAdolf Hitler's birthday parade, 1938Dietrich, Hitler, Himmler at Hitler's birthday, 1938Parade of the Aremd Forces for Adolf Hitler's birthday, 1935Douglas Fairbanks, Sylvia Fairbanks, Samuel and Frances Goldwyn, 1938