05 april, 1938

GERMANY WWI RED BARONHITLER BESÖKER KLAGENFURTHITLER BESÖKER KLAGENFURTTILLBAKA FRÅN SEMESTERNVauxhall Bridge - Aerial PhotoAdolf Hitler in Klagenfurt, 1938Hitler in Klagenfurt 1938Miklos Horthy, 1938Sherborne School In Dorset 1930's. Pupils At Work In The Laboratory At The Public School.Adolf Hitler in Carinthia, 1938Prince Bishop Heffter greets Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler in Klagenfurt, 1938Hitler in Klagenfurt, 1938Valerie Frazer Dancer Dressed As A Milkmaid Waiting For Rehearsals At The Trocadero. Box 665 329011625 A.jpg.Adolf Hitler in Carinthia, 1938