04 juni, 1937

MANNERHEIM HYLLAS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGENITALY WINDSORS HONEYMOONITALY WINDSORS HONEYMOONCOOPERTENNISSPELARE TAR BOLLENETON FIRAR GEORGE III:S FÖDELSEDAGITALY WINDSORS HONEYMOONHeinrich Otto Wieland, 1937Mono NegativeMono NegativeSpanish Civil War 1937Absence Is Called For Eton Schoolboys During 4th June Celebrations - 1937. King George Iii's Birthday The 4th June Is Celebrated As A Special Event Which Nowadays Also Marks The Beginning Of The Summer Long LeaveSpanish Civil War 1937Traveling Jumbo / Foto 1937 - Traveling Jumbo / Photo / 1937 -