14 mars, 1934

So Called 'garden Of Eden' Which Surrounds The Beautiful Swimming Pool At Busot Near Alicante In Spain Where You Can Eat Oranges And Dates After A Swim In The Warm Waters Of The Thermal Springs. Situated At 1500 Feet Up In The Mountain Behind AlicaAPHS193977APHS128743APHS128588APHS128753Mr Harry Selfridge (gordon Selfridge Died 1947) At His Desk With Representatives Of His Staff Of Employees And The Silver Casket With Which They Presented Him To Mark The 25th Anniversary Of The Opening Of His Famous Store.APHS128841Mr Harry Selfridge (gordon Selfridge Died 1947) Seen Being Presented With A Caskett And Scroll By Employees To Mark The 25th Birthday Of Selfridges. Miss HarveyAPHS176167APHS128597